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Here's my gallery on Zazzle.com: Designs by Judy Kay. You can order note cards, greeting cards, or prints.

Thought for the moment

Obsession of the day/month/year    


Update, July 2007 -- still obsessed!
If you care to, you can look at some Buffyverse designs
I've come up with in between life's normal activities.

This is getting to be redundant. I'm still obsessed with anything and
everything to do with the man, Joss Whedon, so nothing new here.

Check out my Serenity page.

Click the link below to view some of the many items that I
already own (!) from the mind of Joss Whedon.

Joss Whedon books and DVDs on Amazon.com 

Self-Published Books

Check out my Self-Published Books page for links to PDFs of a couple books that I've self-published for all to view and download, plus a couple other family documents, also in PDF form.


Take a look at some of the pictures I've taken recently. I'm posting more and more of my pictures now that I have a digital camera. Latest additions: My trip to Illinois and Michigan in February, 2004; and my trip to Lake Chelan, WA in March. Just made another page of photos: -- all flowers, and I'll try post pictures of my recent trip to the Oregon Coast and the Columbia River Gorge, including a couple of great ones of Multnomah Falls.

In association with Zazzle.comSome of my photos are now available for purchase on Zazzle.com as prints and/or cards. Click on the logo to the right so they know you came from me!

Justeva Consulting     

Personalized, inexpensive web site design, marketing and maintenance, based in Bellevue, WA. Also, technical desktop publishing capabilities, specializing in FrameMaker.

Fanzines for Sale     

I still have some Dr. Who fanzines for sale, plus some Starlogs and Starburst magazines from the early '90s. New to the site is the Robin of Sherwood Fanzine page. If you loved this '80s British TV series, ya gotta check out these fan fiction fanzines, produced in the '90s.

My favorite Links

The Links page is pretty light right now, but I intend to add a lot of my current bookmarks to this page. You can get a pretty good picture of my interests by looking at my links!


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