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The RESID Database is a comprehensive collection of annotations and structures for protein modifications including amino-terminal, carboxyl-terminal and peptide chain cross-link, pre-, co- and post-translational modifications.

The RESID Database provides the following information:

  • Unique identifiers, the letters 'AA' followed by four digits, for each modification
  • Names and frequently encountered alternate names
  • IUPAC systematic chemical names
  • Chemical Abstracts (CAS) registry numbers for the free amino acid form of the residue or for the covalently bound moiety
    (CAS Registry Numbers are copyrighted by the American Chemical Society)
  • Elemental formulas for the residues as they occur in peptide chains
  • Average isotope formula weights and most common isotope formula weights used in mass spectroscopy
  • Correction elemental formulas, representing the difference between the residue elemental formula and the formula for the encoded amino acid
  • Correction formula weights, the differences between the residue formula weights and the formula weights for the encoded amino acids, with both the chemical average isotope weight difference and the physical most common isotope weight difference
  • Creation, structure revision, and text change dates for the database entries
  • Bibliographic reference information including author names, journal citation, article title, reference identifier, cross-references to PubMed and the Protein Data Bank, with additional notes on the experimental methods used to detect and identify modifications
  • General comments on the modifications including sequence motifs
  • Enzyme activities that produce the modifications
  • The IUPAC-IUB standard single-letter codes and three-letter abbreviations for the genetically encoded amino acids that may give rise to the modified residue, and for sequence ambiguities
  • Conditions for the occurrence of the residue, including whether it is amino-terminal, carboxyl-terminal, secondary or incidental to other modifications, the number of peptide chains the residue cross-links, and cross-references to the PSI-MOD and Gene Ontologies
  • Keywords and MESH terms associated with each modification
  • The feature annotations for the modifications as they appear in the UniProt Knowledgebase
  • GIF format drawings of the chemical structures
  • PDB format molecular models

RESID Database release 72.01 with 604 entries was on 31 May 2013.

Internet access to the most current version of the RESID Database is available by ftp from the Protein Information Resource at the Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA, and from the European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK. Searchable versions are available at both of those facilities.

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