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John S. Garavelli

I am a biotechnology research scientist working in the fields of proteomics, bioinformatics and molecular modeling, with on-going interests in information theory, molecular evolution and space biology.


I developed and maintain the RESID Database of Protein Modifications. Internet access to this database is provided through the National Cancer Institute Frederick Advanced Biomedical Computing Center and the European Bioinformatics Institute. Information on the RESID Database is available here.
RESID Database

For those interested in my professional background,
electronic versions of my resume, curriculum vitae and list of publications are available here.
curriculum vitae


In 1999 I was President of the Philosophical Society of Washington,
"the Oldest Scientific Society in Washington, founded 1871".
My Retiring President's Lecture on January 14, 2000, in the Cosmos Club Powell Auditorium was entitled "Hilbert's Space: aspects of one century and prospects for the next"
text & slides

Another past President of the Philosophical Society, Ruth McDiarmid, and I presented a pair of lectures in 2002 on research in biotechnology.
January 11 she discussed
"The Genome Challenge",
January 25 I discussed
"The Proteome Challenge".


Most of the members of my family have shared a passion for good food.
Here are some mementos of my family.
Memorial for My Father


There are a number of organizations I am involved in and many more things that I enjoy. Here are some of my connections, both real and virtual.

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