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In Japan, it is the custom to greet visitors with a bowl of Tea.  Over the last 500 years, this gesture of hospitality has developed into Chanoyu, literally, "water for tea" or what we call theTea Ceremony.  Chanoyu is a distillation of the arts and crafts of Japan:  a school of movement, manners, and connoisseuship; but most importantly, the elegant face of hospitality.(McKenna) There are three related schools of tea:  Omotesenke, Urasenke, and Mushanokojisenke.

Member Michael McKenna is a certified instructor of Omotesenke Tea and will be conducting Tea and offering classes at Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden on the following dates which coincide with special events at The Hammond:
For further information, contact Michael at 914-325-4904 or michaelwmckenna at

Kathryn Boughton's KentDispatch article on Michael McKenna and Bill Jarvis's Tea at JSFC/Still Mountain Center joint event 06/29/2007
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