Japan Society of Fairfield County
Survey Results

Included with the invitation for Oshogatsu 2007 was a survey form of additional activities or interactive programs we could offer.
17 survey forms were returned to us with the following results:

7   Kimono lunch (Go out for lunch dressed with Kimono or get together for potluck style lunch)
4   Discussion over reading Japanese books
3   Group tour to Japan
8   Group tour to Japanese related interesting spots located locally   (Check JSFC Nearby Places to Visit Page)
2   Learning and discussing Japanese music history
7   Flower arrangement
3   Origami
5   Tea ceremony   (Check new JSFC Tea Page)
6   Japanese cooking
2   Play or learn Kendo (the art of Japanese fencing)   (Check JSFC Links Page)
3   Play or learn Aikido (Japanese martial art)   (Check JSFC Links Page)
2  Play golf

and we also received the following free form responses:
Talks on Japanese art and culture
Japanese theater and festival programs
Going to NYC theater in kimono
Discussion of Japanese history and current events

A new page has been added to the web site listing interesting local places with a Japanese interest.
If you wish to organize an activity along one of the above ideas, contact us to place information on the web site.
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