Japan Society of Fairfield County
Nearby sites of Japanese interest you can visit

(mileages are approximate and measured from the center of Fairfield County)
Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, North Salem, NY (14 miles) (has reciprocal membership with JSFC)
Bush Holley House, Greenwich, CT (16 miles) 1900's artist colony    The Japanese artist Genjiro worked here
          Please contact our member Harry Sakamaki at 203-912-3757 for a Bush-Holley House tour in Japanese.

Last remaining Nojima Cherry Tree in Stamford (13 miles) currently in Whittaker Park,
          just south of Broad Street and west of State Route 137/Washington Blvd.
          Kamishibai story of  Nojima Cherry Trees      Mill River Collaborative Map of proposed park

Asia Society, New York, NY (45 miles)
Japan Society of New York, New York, NY (45 miles)
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY (45 miles)
Mitsuwa: A Japanese mall with foodcourt, grocery, bookstore, etc  Edgewater, NJ (50 mi)

Captain Whitfield Home/Manjiro, Fairhaven, MA (150 miles) 1847 home of Japan's first immigrant to US
Fairhaven Historical Society and Manjiro artifacts

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA (180 miles)

Contact Vernon with additional day trip sites or group plans for a visit.

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