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While not a JSFC member, Syd Greenberg was well known to JSFC members.  I am sad to report that he died Jan 24, 2012. Syd Greenberg attended at least 4 of our Oshogatsus as a press photographer and generously shared his work with us.  In 2006, he took a great photo of Alice McDonald, which was used as the cover photo for our website. Syd was an army combat photographer in the Far East during World War II. One day he happened upon Chiang Kai-shek and asked the Generalissimo for permission to photograph him.  Syd didn't just get a big smile, but a huge one, making for Syd's most memorable photo.  He showed me a copy at Oshogatsu.

Former member Bill Jassey died unexpected on May 17, 2011.  Bill and his wife Ikuko were long time members of JSFC and Ikuko contributed many articles and poems to our website.  Bill was the founder of Center for Global Studies at Brien McMahon High School which is a magnet school for Japanese language instruction. Story from The Hour, Norwalk newspaper
Former Member Mari Okuda wins top portrait prize in Japan

Former member Joan Rolnick died in Kirksville, MO on April 28, 2009. Joan and her husband Jerry were long time members of JSFC. They were residents of Redding where they built a Japanese style home with gardens and a detached teahouse.

Sakamaki and Amb. FujisakiOn April 22, 2009 Ambassador Fujisaki presented "Closer Cooperation: Economy, Energy, Environment" to the Council on East Asian Studies at the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale. Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki and JSFC President Harry Sakamaki were classmates at Stanford and are at a reception following Ambassador Fujisaki's presentation.

Member Ruari McLaughlin is now serving as an assistant Language teacher in Japan.
Japan Local Government Center and its JET Program (spend a year in Japan as an assistant english language instructor)

Hachinohe HarborShogi Matcg Hi Mr. Sakamaki, こんにちは from Aomori-ken! I just arrived here last week in a town called Oirase in eastern Aomori Prefecture. Its really beautiful here and the people are very kind. I work at the city hall in the board of education department as an assistant language teacher. School hasn't started yet, so I mainly have office work to keep me busy so far. I have an apartment near the ocean so I think this is a very nice place to live.
I hope everything is well back in Connecticut with JSFC. Ruairi McLaughlin

Amazing to hear from Aomori!!. Oirase River is famous for its beautiful scenery especially in upstream near Towada Lake. The lake is famous for its water clearness and I believe it is the third (clearest) in the world. Aomori Nebuta Summer Festival is un-parallel to other events. I think you chose a good location to live and assist teachers. As you mentioned the people should be very nice and kindness.
    I wish you enjoy  finding a different aspect of Japan. OGENKIDE!!   Harry
Shogi with student pieces
Thanks Mr. Sakamaki.  I'm really enjoying Aomori so far.  Everyone here is so friendly and helpful that even thought it has only been two weeks I feel at home.  I missed Nebuta unfortunately, but in my town (Oirase-cho in Kamikita-gun) we had Shogi Matsuri this past weekend.  I played Shogi for the first time but to tell you the truth I lost twice! 
Shogi is a lot like Chess.  I just need more practice!  I look forward to seeing more of Northern Japan.  Talk to you soon!   Ruairi
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