Japan Society of Fairfield County
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Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden, North Salem, NY (2 miles from Fairfield Co.)
(cancelled)The Japan Society of Fairfield County and The Hammond Museum have reciprocal membership benefits.

Musing of a Japanophile by Nina Steitfeld

Mill River Collaborative:  Redevelopment of Mill River Park and the Junzo Nojima Cherry Grove in Stamford

Five College Center for East Asian Studies/East Asia for Teachers:  New England area East Asian Activities

National Association of Japan America Societies       New England Japan Societies from Boston Consulate
Japan Society of Greater Hartford      Japan Society of New York       Japan Society of Boston
Japan Association of Yale      Japanese American Student Union at Yale

New York Office of Consulate General of Japan (serves Fairfield County only in CT)
New England Office of Consulate General of Japan (Boston, serves balance of CT)
Visit Japan/National Tourism Organization      Japan Foundation NY/CGP/
Japan Local Government Center and its JET Program (Be an assistant english language instructor in Japan)
Japan Foreign Policy Forum (successor to Japan Echo)

Joy Brown's Still Mountain Center and Anagama Style Japanese Kiln
Jeff Shapiro Japanese ceramics     Raiku style Japanese pottery     Unison Arts Center, New Paltz, New York

Japanese Astronomy, both modern and ancient traditions
First Contact:  Eastern & Western Artists depict Commodore Perry Opening Japan (MIT Visualizing Culture)

George Kleinman's Japanese Links

Traditional Japanese Dance-Drama Performed in Kimono Costumes

Yama Ki Bonsai Society, NY, NY     Ikebana International, New York Chapter 7

Aikido Dojo Finder      Aikido Schools of Ueshiba      Aikido FAQ     Shobu Aikido of Boston
All US Kendo Federation      Kendo America
NY Naginata Society      Japan Swordsmanship Society

New York Asian Women's Center / Domestic Violence


Donghwa Cultural Foundation promotes traditional Korean culture and arts

Organization of Chinese Americans, Fairfield County Chapter

Connecticut Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission

Members Yoko Kawai and Takaya Kurimoto design modern homes and gardens at Penguin Environ. Des.
Japanese Carpentry/Joinery, Chris Hall

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