Japan Society of Fairfield County
Language Exchange Program

Language conversation groups, including Japanese, meet at the Westport Library weekly.

An American and a Japanese person teach each other English and Japanese.  They will meet once a month.  The Japanese person will teach the American Japanese.  Afterward, the Japanese person will learn English from the American person.  You will study together.  It will be very informal. Please leave your name, phone number, and email.  Any optional additional information, such as current level of language skill, or age, gender, or location can help make a better match.

Amerikajinto Nihonjinga eigoto Nihonngoo oshiatte imasu.  Tsukini ikkai atte imasu.  Nihonjinga Americajinni Nihongoo oshiemasu.  Sono atode Nihonjinga Amerikajinkara eigoo naraimasu.  Manabimasu.  Hijooni kiraku nabadesu.  Sonna kotoo saresoikatawa, onamaeto denwabangoo oshiete kudasai.  Gokanshinga ookereba tachiagetaito omoimasu.

Please contact Diane Barton at 203-323-4519 or email her to sign up for a language exchange partner.

My name is Michael Roche and I am interested in becoming part of the Japanese-English Language exchange program.
I currently live in Milford, CT and I am a senior at Southern Connecticut State University.  I am a history major with a concentration in Asian Studies; I am in the fourth semester of Japanese here, and I wish to learn more.  I visited Japan over the summer and fell in love with it, and I wish to know all I can about the language, culture and history.

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