Kamishibai Theater
Curtain down
The story of Nojima Junzo and the cherry trees he planted is presented as a kamishibai written and illustrated by member Noboru Uezumi. Kamishibai was a very popular form of entertainment for children in Japan during the 50's. A presenter would ride into a town with his folding theater tied to the back of his bicycle, set up, and wait for an audience to gather. A stack of cards would be inserted into the theater. Illustrations were on the audience side, and the presenter would read the story printed on the back of the preceding card. The card facing the audience would then be moved to the back of the stack by the presenter and the next scene presented. He would earn most of his income from snacks sold during the presentation. You will have to read the text for yourself and advance the cards, but we won't try to sell you any candy during the presentation. Although television reduced the market for kamishibai in Japan, it is still performed. Mr. Uezumi is a retired television executive from Japan. We are grateful that he produced this program about a great Japanese American from Fairfield County.

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