Japan Society of Fairfield County
Uezumi Award

(This program was ended in 2014 and the balance of the funds were used to replace a memorial plaque honoring Junzo Nojima in Mill River Park.)
The board of the Japan Society of Fairfield County is pleased to announce the creation of the Uezumi Award to recognize an individual or group that made a significant contribution to improved knowledge or understanding between the United States and Japan in the Fairfield County region in Connecticut.

The award shall consist of a plaque presented at the JSFC Oshogatsu in January where the recipient will be JSFC's guest.

Individuals or groups should submit nominations. The closing date and address to submit nominations will be posted soon. A committee will examine the nominations and may conduct interviews of applicants. The committee will present its recommendations to the JSFC board for approval.

Criterion for judgment will include:
    Orientation and Commitment to promoting good US Japan relations
    Value to the Fairfield County region, especially educational, cultural, or philanthropic
    Exceptional Intelligence and Creativity
    Generosity of spirit
    A need or value of recognition

Nominations must include the name and contact information of the proposed recipient and should provide supporting information for the award. This information should be relevant to the criteria listed above and may include other information as well.

1. We reserve the right to not make an award if no suitable recipient is identified.
2. Alternative presentation will be considered.
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