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Still Mountain Center Sculpture Garden Party

Bulls Bridge teruterubousuWeather once again tried to spoil a JSFC event, but was foiled with the traditional countermeasure of a teruterubouzu.  Japanese children make these small dolls the day before an event to insure good weather.  In spite of a week of  rain,  our event escaped the rain with the help of our friend to the left.  At nearby Bull's Bridge a torrent was going under the covered bridge.  This was excess storm water that was diverted from CL&P's hydroelectric plant.

Still Mountain Center is in the wilds of Connecticut, near Kent, on a 15 acre site which abounds in gorgeous scenery including a mountain, lake, and a stream with a beaver dam. The event began around 10 AM with a volunteer work party clearing the sculpture garden path.  The mountain laurel was still in bloom.  A picnic lunch followed at noon.  After lunch our cultural activities began with a koto performance and tea ceremony lead by our newest member Hiromi Kubo and held in the second floor meditation room at Still Mountain Center.Hiromi Kubo & koto

Joy Brown led us on a tour of Still Mountain Center including her pottery studio and Japanese style Anagama kiln.  She apprenticed as a potter in Japan and recently her  ceramic tile bas relief, “Song of Life,” was installed in the corridor/waiting room area of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Yodogawa Christian Hospital in Osaka near where Joy grew up as a child.  Below, some of Joy's newest creations  await firing in the kiln at the far left.
Joy's work awaiting firing
Joy Brown's web site
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