Japan Society of Fairfield County
Pre Thanksgiving Banquet, Nov. 15,  2009

main course serving lineFor the 16th consecutive year our Japan Society members celebrated this quintessential American holiday by feeding about 100 individuals from the Stamford area at St. Luke’s Lifeworks’ Woodland Campus on Sunday, November 15, 2009. We all enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner provided by Ms. Ann Summerville and her crew from Union Baptist Church in Stamford.  Japan Society members served all the food this year.  Our members supplied an abundance of Japanese delicacies and desserts:  Nancy & Vernon Beck - Pumpkin Pies, Halloween candy, and a box of clementine oranges, soda, milk, ice, whipping cream, and hand sanitizer; Diane & Perry Caminis - Herb cookies; Keiji & Kazumi Inoue - Pecan and cheese cakes; Lucy Maire - Apple tart-aLa Normandy, France; Naomi & Joe Manning - Salmon sushi; John & Hannah McGettigan - Tiramisu; Keiko, Sayaka & Shoen Mitsui - Chirashi-sushi; Jim & Marilyn Moore - Apple cake and a very generous cash donation; Nina Streitfeld - Apple and pumpkin pies; Harry & Hiroko Sakamaki - California rolls, table cloths; Madeleine Sullivan - Cake; Aye Aye Thant - Cupcakes, Corn muffins and apples; Junko Uezumi - Salmon sushi.
Desert lineA special note about Madeleine Sullivan: she is a long time members and long time contributor for this event who lives in Queens.She comes at the event all the way taking subway, train and taxi. Japan Society of Fairfield County is the only Japan Society known to reach out to its community in this way.

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