Japan Society of Fairfield County
Pre Thanksgiving Banquet, Nov. 16,  2008

all set upFor the 15th consecutive year our Japan Society members celebrated this quintessential American holiday by feeding about 100 individuals from the Stamford area at St. Luke’s Lifeworks’ Woodland Campus on Sunday, November 16, 2008. Just after 1 PM there was a major fire just a block south of St. Luke’s Lifeworks at an unused warehouse and adjacent buildings on Cedar Street. St. Luke’s Lifeworks was within the police cordon around the fire area so some residents may have experienced difficulty getting to the banquet. We all enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner provided by Union Enterprises.  Robert King lead the contingent from Union Enterprises which brought a generous supply of turkey and fixin's.  Japan Society members served all the food this year.  Our tables were graced by arrangements of origami this year made by Junko Uezumi, Etsuko Fujii, and Kazumi Inoue along with paper candles made by a nearby school.  Our members supplied an abundance of Japanese delicacies and desserts. Nancy and Vernon Beck brought pumpkin pie; Eric Chabot, Brownies; Etsuko Fujii, Japanese fried noodle; Atsuko & Mike Giampaoli, California rolls; Kaiji & Kazumi Inoue, Steamed cake; Hiroko and Harry Sakamaki, Inari Sushi; Nina Streitfeld, Japanese sweets, cake, and fruit; Madeleine Sullivan, chocolate cake; Aye Aye Thant & Nanda, Halloween cookies; Junko Uezumi, Sweet rice; and Union enterprises brought a large sheet cake. The Japan Society of Fairfield County is the only Japan Society known to reach out to its community in this way.
UEI & JSFC Japanese Food line JSFC Turkey Dinner line
Vernon, Bob, Harry, Elaine
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