Japan Society of Fairfield County
Pre Thanksgiving Banquet, Nov. 11,  2007

all set up Pre-Thankgiving Banquet for People Overcoming Homelessness: For the 14th consecutive year our Japan Society members celebrated this quintessential American holiday by feeding about 100 individuals from the Stamford area at St. Luke’s Lifeworks’ Woodland Campus on Sunday, November 11, 2007. We all enjoyed a delicious main course Thanksgiving repast provided by Union Enterprises, plus an abundance of Japanese delicacies and desserts brought by Society members. Nancy and Vernon Beck brought pumpkin pie and apple crisp; Perry, Diane, & Argo Caminis, Greek cookies;  Eric Chabot, Lemon Squares;  Reiko Kawashima, California Roll;  Ruairi McLaughlin: sushi;  Hiroko and Harry Sakamaki, Japanese sweets; Seiichi and Joyce Shinomiya, chirashi sushi; Nina Streitfeld, pie  cookies and candy; Madeleine Sullivan, cake. The Japan Society of Fairfield County is the only Japan Society known to reach out to its community in this way.
UEI & JSFC serving JSFC Dessert/Bev lineUEI serving
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