Japan Society of Fairfield County
Pre Thanksgiving Banquet, Nov. 13,  2005

grp Pre-Thankgiving Banquet for the Homeless For the 12th consecutive year our Japan Society members celebrated this quintessential American holiday by sharing the harvest with homeless individuals and families from the Stamford area at St. Luke’s Lifeworks’ Woodland Place Center on Sunday, November 13, 2005. Flowers, and adorable edible Thanksgiving ornaments donated by Eagle Hill School decorated the tables, which were covered with festive blue tablecloths. Violinist Aaron Lofaro, cellist Justin Stenger and bass player Dylan Spielvogel entertained with jazz and classic rock melodies, while guests ate a delicious main course Thanksgiving repast provided by Union Enterprises, plus an abundance of Japanese delicacies and desserts brought by Society members. Nancy and Vernon Beck brought pumpkin pie; Dustin and Laura Bunch, fruity pistachio fluff; Diane and Perry Caminis, home-made baklava; Sachiyo Furukawa,soba salad; Atsuko Giampaoli, sushi; Simone Ingram, fruit salad, clementines, almonds, sugar and sweet ‘n low; Marcia Howard, chocolate chip cookies and several cranberry juice bottles; grp Letty Militana, popcorn, almonds, bagels, rolls and muffins; Joan Rolnick, brownies; Hiroko and Harry Sakamaki, Japanese sweets and blueberry pie; Henry, Winnie, Matthew and Grace Shay, baked apples, and apple, pumpkin and pecan pies; Robert Stanton, soba; Nina Streitfeld, clementines and M&M cookies; Madeleine Sullivan, two pies; and Yumi McDonald, who could not attend, sent apple pie. Vernon Beck announced that the event this year was dedicated to Nina Streitfeld, immediate past president of the Society, who was present at the very first Society Thanksgiving banquet and kept up this tradition of Thanksgiving sharing throughout her presidency. The Japan Society of Fair.eld County is the only Japan Society known to reach out to its community in this way.
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