Japan Society of Fairfield County
Stratford Library Origami Class, Sept. 11, 2010

origami class Logevity origamiMany people are not aware that the United States and Japan share a similar holiday in mid September: Grandparents Day. In Japan, it's called "Keiro no Hi", which literally means "Respect-for-Senior-Citizens-Day."
On September 11, an origami class was held at the Children's department of Stratford Library with the theme of "Grandparents' Day." A group of 5 JSFC volunteers taught the children how to make a "Crane" and a "Turtle", that are considered to be symbols of longevity in Japan. In the friendly and intimate atmosphere, the children's parents were also invited to participate in the class to try their first ever origami.
For most of the participants, folding a "Crane" was challenging, but everyone had fun and managed to make several origami cranes and turtles. In the end, they all made ornaments attaching their origami work to paper plates where they drew their own Grandma's or Grandpa's face and a message for Grandparents' Day. This was the second origami class at Stratford Library, and overall, the third one this year that was run by the group of JSFC - Harry Sakamaki, Hiroko Sakamaki, Michiko Hughes, Chikae Potterf, and Naomi Manning.

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