Japan Society of Fairfield County
Milford Origami Class, March 18, 2011

Origami Class      On Friday March 18th, an origami class was held at West Shore Middle School in Milford as part of their W.A.V.E. Japanese culture program. A group of 10 volunteer instructors from JSFC taught local 6th to 8th grade students how to make "Tsuru" (crane), one of the most well-known traditional Japanese origami, and "Pikachu" and "Yoda", popular cartoon and movie characters. Making "Yoda" was a new origami form for many, even for JSFC members who were teaching the children! Although origami was challenging to make for many of the students who had never done it before, all of the students managed to make it, and everyone was very engaged in origami making.
      On the day of the origami class, which took place just one week after the Tohoku/Kanto earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, the students at the West Shore Middle School passed the hat in an effort to raise fund for Japan relief. They collected more than $380 and the fund was handed to the JSFC's president, Harry Sakamaki. JSFC feels enormous gratitude for their spontaneous generosity.

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