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Saturday, December 3, 2011
Sakuradamongai no Hen (Sakuradamon Incident)

      This 2010 film is a dramatization of the assassination of Tairo (Chief Shogunate Minister) Ii Naosuke (1815-1860), by Mito ronin outside the Sakurada Gate of Edo Castle. Aware of the consequences of the Opium Wars in China, Ii Naosuke realized that Japan could not defeat Western military technology. When Commodore Matthew C Perry came to present President Millard Fillmore's demand that Japan end its isolation, he agreed and signed the Treaty of Amity and Commerce with Townsend Harris, the first United States Consul to Japan. For this, Ii Naosuke was widely criticized, and on March 24, 1860, was assassinated. The movie depicts the events leading to the attack and its consequences mainly from the perspective of one of the conspirators, Seki Tetsunosuke (played by Osawa Takao, who appears as the lead role of the television drama Jin). Seki Tetsunosuke was later executed for his involvement. The movie will be shown for the first time with English subtitles by Dr. George Kleinman. The Japanese language website for the movie is
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