Japan Society of Fairfield County
Annual Meeting 2008

Sunday November 2, 2008

Newly ElectedNew officers and directors were elected to serve one year terms and are listed on the organization page.
      We had a good year financially, ending about $3000 ahead for 2008.
Genjiro's painting       The Japan Society of Fairfield County donated $1000 from the Uezumi Memorial to help purchase an original painting by Genjiro which has been donated to the Greenwich Historical Society. It was unveiled at our annual meeting.
      The new Kamishibai on Genjiro was presented for the first time by Diane Barton, part of a committee, who completed the work started by the late Noboru Uezumi. We also have established an Uezumi Award.
      We were again treated to Dr. Tom Hedberg's wonderful presentation on the Beginnings of Telecommunications in Japan from 1875-1900.
      We thank our members for their contributions to our pot luck luncheon: Naoki & Reiko Achiwa: Japanese cooked dish, Diane Barton: Corn muffins, Vernon & Nancy Beck: Cookies & softdrinks, Perry & Diane Caminis: pasta salad, Tomoko Dougan:  Sweets, Sachiyo Furukawa: Bara Sushi, Atsuko Giampaoli: California rolls, Russ Handelman: Fresh muffins, Howard Jaffe: Bottles of champaign and wine, Robert & Koito Karlon: Yakitori, George & Mayumi Kleinman: Assorted cheese, Takaya & Yoko Kurimoto: Casserole, Harry & Hiroko Sakamaki: Hors d'oeuvre, Mayako Smith: Inari sushi, Nina Streitfeld: Green Salad, and Junko Uezumi: Edamame.
      The membership year is now the same as the calendar year. Please keep your dues paid up so we don't have to charge you the non-member rate. If you did not receive an email notice for the annual meeting, please send us your email. It will help insure that you receive priority notification and reservation rights for our events. We currently have emails for approximately 2/3 our membership. We will be sending out emails to all members when significant new information is posted on the web site.
      We welcome volunteers to help run our society and serve as future directors and officers. Involvement now trains one for future leadership.
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