Japan Society of Fairfield County
Annual Meeting 2007

Sunday October 14, 2007

     The officers and directors were elected to serve a one year term and are listed on the organization page.
     The membership year is now the same as the calendar year. Please keep your dues paid up so we don't have to charge you the non-member rate. If you did not receive an email notice for the annual meeting, please send us your email. It will help insure that you receive priority notification and reservation rights for our events. We currently have emails for approximately 2/3 our membership.  We will be sending out emails to all members when significant new information is posted on the web site.
      We welcome volunteers to help run our society and serve as future directors and officers. Involvement now trains one for future leadership.  We would welcome someone to convert our web site history for 2007 into a newsletter which could be mailed to all members and distributed to potential members.
      We discussed the low turnout at several of our recent events, namely Ohanami and Otsukimi.  We incurred a loss of almost $500 on Otsukimi because of poor JSFC attendance in spite of the large crowd at Hammond.  We will try to schedule the event on a Saturday evening next year to boost JSFC attendance.
Swing Girls:  An enjoyable movie about a group of high school country girls in northern Japan who form a "Big Band" group that ultimately turns in an exceptional performance at the district band competition in spite of their hijinks.

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