Japan Society of Fairfield County
Visit to Wheelhorse Gallery, July 29, 2008

At the gracious invitation Charles Marks, gallery director of the Wheelhorse Gallery, members of JJSFC were invited to a reception and tour of the exhibition of contemporary Japanese woodblock prints, mezzotints, stencils, etchings, lithographs and prints at the gallery on Mason Street.  To our surprise, not only did we enjoy the Japanese artwork, but also an introduction to some of the many artists in Haiti.
Exhibits consist of the works by Toko Shinoda and Toru Iwaya.
Toko Shinoda is a world-renowned Japanese female artist working with sumi [ink] paintings and prints. Her art merges traditional calligraphy with modern abstract expression. A 1983 interview in Time magazine noted that “her trail-blazing accomplishments are analogous to Picasso’s”. Shinoda’s works had been exhibited in the Hague National Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, Cincinnati Art Museum and other leading museums in the world.
Toru Iwaya is a Japanese mezzotint engraver and painter. Many of his works are in galleries around the world, in the National Library of Paris, City Museum of Koriyama, Japan, City Museum of Fukuoka, Japan and the New York Public Library
The gallery was established by Charles Marks, AIA, whose work in Haiti over the past 30 years introduced him to some of the foremost contemporary artists working in that country. Following our exhibit, Haitian Modern Masters, which brought five of these artists to the gallery, we have added the work of painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, and mixed media artists from Cuba, Colombia, France, Fiji, Haiti, Japan and the United States.
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