Japan Society of Fairfield County

Origami Class Origami, the traditional art of paper folding, has been enjoyed by children and adults over the centuries in Japan. In recent years, it seems increasingly popular among school children in the U.S.

On February 28, 2010, the Japan Society of Fairfield County held an Origami Class at the Children's department of Stratford Library as part of their monthly craft program for children. The class started with the introduction of the society by Mr. Harry Sakamaki, the president of the JSFC and was followed by a speech by Ms. Tess Beck, of Stratford Library. Naomi Manning, a JSFC member and an organizer of this event, and a team of 10 volunteers from both the Japan Society of Fairfield County and the local Japanese community, taught Origami in an intimate and lively atmosphere at Lovell Room of the library.

Origami Class 27 children from Stratford and its neighboring towns learned how to fold tulips, frogs and "Pikachu" a popular anime character from Pokemon. After making origami, the children put their work into pots made of plastic cups, like flower arrangements. This was an idea suggested by Kazumi Inoue, also a JSFC member, who have helped hold Origami classes elsewhere. Some enthusiastic children went very creative, making smaller scale tulips and Pokemons.

Thanks to Kazumi Inoue, Junko Uezumi, Hiroko Sakamaki, and Yoko Kawai Kurimoto (JSFC members) and other volunteers, the class was successful and enjoyed by all participating children.
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