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Saturday, February 20, 2:00 – 4:00PM at Greenwich Public Library
Kirie, The Traditional Japanese Graphic Art of paper-cutting

Mr. Shu Kubo at Kirie event
Kirie workshop card, Shu Kubo, and one of his works
       Shu Kubo, a Kirie artist, visited the tri-state area under the sponsorship of the Japanese Government Agency of Cultural Affairs. He presented a lecture, demonstration, and workshop on Kirie.
      Shu Kubo exhibited two of his works: a blooming plum tree and a samari. He lays out washi (Japanese paper) on a rubber sheet and uses small knives to patiently cut out his intricate original designs.  Many layers of colored paper are used in this process and days are required to complete even a small picture.  The finished product is of such quality that it is not obvious that it was created by cutting paper. 
Explaining with a 10X knife how to do kirie cutting
Using a 10X model knife to explain how to cut kirie
We were given the opportunity to create a simple Kirie greeting card of Mt. Fuji or a rose in the workshop. We thank Director Nicky Achiwa for coordinating this program for JSFC.
     Shu Kubo does a weekly column for the Sankei Express newspaper in Japan and has prepared some special kirie pictures of New York City during his extended visit to the United States.  He has also prepared the artwork for the commemorative postage stamps Japan issues for the New Year celebration.
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