Japan Society of Fairfield County
The Lost Decade in Japan
and the Subprime Crisis in the USA

     The Japan Society of Fairfield County and The Historical Society of Greenwich collaborated on a talk titled The Lost Decade in Japan and the Subprime Crisis in the USA at the historical society.
     Professor Koichi Hamada, Tuntex Professor of Economics at Yale University and former member of Japan's Cabinet Office (2001-2003), discussed how the subprime crisis in the U.S. compared with the lost decade of Japan in the 1990s, both fueled by a malfunctioning real estate market, and asked what lessons can be learned by the U.S. from Japan’s experience.
     Jim Himes, who represents Connecticut’s Fourth District in the US House of Representatives, joined Professor Hamada, in a dialogue with the audience and offer commentary on the present-day subprime mortgage crisis and its future outlook. “I was so pleased to participate in the Japan Society of Fairfield County’s effort to help citizens stay informed on the challenging issues we face in an increasingly complex world,” said Congressman Himes. “Education is a critical piece of civic engagement, and I applaud the Society and its members for this program.” (VH)
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