Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

ha da a wa se   ne mu re ru yo i no   shi a wa se o   bo n yo o to yo bu ka   ma do no ko na yu ki

A peaceful night
in my husband’s arms
Do you call it banality?
Powder snow drifting at the window

i ro a se ta   yu u bi n u ke no   yo ri so i te   i ta wa ru yo o ni   ho ho e mu yo o ni

Two mailboxes color-faded standing
as if they were comforting
as if they were smiling—
Side by side

mi tsu mu ru wa   hi to de a ru ko to   ki mi mo a mo   ta da hu ta tsu bu no   su na ni su gi ne ba 

The fact that you are a person and so am I
We are just two grains of sand on a riverbed
What’s important is to embrace

so no ma ma de   so no ma ma de i i   a na ta no ko to   ta su ko to mo na shi   hi ku ko to mo na shi

Stay as you are;
Stay what you are
There is nothing to add;
There is nothing to subtract

ha na i ka da   yu ra ri yu ra yu ra   mi na mo no tsu ki to   i no chi a ta ta me   do o gyo o hu ta ri

A petal of a cherry blossom
Drifting away
Accompanied by the moon on the water—
You and I

a i sa re te   hu to me o ya re ba   hu yu no so ra   u tsu mu ki ka ge n no   ko cho o wa bi su ke

By chance I looked
outside a window
after an intimate moment—
A white camellia slightly bending its head
under the winter sky
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