Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

u su i na me   ne zu mi o ku ra u   ku ni ga a ri   ka sho ku i ma shi mu   ku ni mo ma ta a ru

Drinking rainwater and eating rats
    no other choice in some nations
Warned against their excessive eating
their choice in other nations

go ju u da i  hi ppu ho ppu o  mi te ki i te  hi ru ma no tsu ki o  hi kku ri ka e su

A woman in her fifties
watching and listening hip-hop
turning over the moon in the day sky

su ko shi da ke  tsu ka re ta hu ze i no  yo tto a ri  <a i ji n ni go o>  so u i u ko to ka

A floating boat
Appearing a little bit tired
Inscribed on her side
“My Mistress II”—No wonder

ne me shi su no  sa ke ta ku chi ka ra  he i wa na do  u ma re ru to  o mo u ka ki mi wa

Do you really believe
peace is born
from the split mouth
of Nemesis?

i n ge n no  sa ya o a ke re ba  sa mi do ri no  ma me tsu bu mi ttsu  kyo o yo mi o e ru

Opening the shell of kidney beans,
three little green ones
just finished chanting a sutra

ni ku shi mi ya  i ka ri no so ji o  ta zu nu re ba  wa re ko so se i gi to  o mo u ko ko ro yo

Locating the source
of our anger or hatred,
it is nothing but
our self-righteousness
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