Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

ka ze fu ke ba    ka ze ni mi zu mi re ba    mi zu ni na ri    ki e ru ko to da ke    o mo i te i ta ri

When I felt the wind
I longed to be the wind;
When I saw the water
I longed to be the water
Just thinking to disappear

ka na shi mi no    u shi ro ni pi ta ri to    yo ri so i te    de ba n ma tte ru    ya su ra gi ga a ru

Right behind grief
Waiting is a peace of mind
Waiting its turn to appear

ko o u ma nu    o mi na wa o mi na ni    a ra zu to wa    a na ta o no ko yo    ka ru su gi na i ka

A woman without a child
is not a woman, do you say?
Aren’t you too shallow, sir?

o no ga mi no    u ma re so da chi wa    ha ji ni a ra zu ba    ma a ru ku ke zu tta    ha na shi wa de ki nu

No shame on my birth
or my upbringing;
So I don’t talk of myself
better than who I am

ta n po po ga    u e mu ki su mi re ga    yo ko o mu ku    ji n se i i ro i ro    a tte mo i i ja na i ka

Dandelions look up to the sky;
Violets turn aside
That’s all right
So many people, so many lives

かくれんぼ 隠れたままで人生を終えるのもよし 真っ赤なとんぼ
ka ku re n bo    ka ku re ta ma ma de    ji n se i o    o e ru no mo yo shi    ma kka na to n bo

Hiding yourself—
A way to live your life
A red dragonfly

ka ze ni ta ta ka re    hi to ni hu ma re te    tsu yo ku na ru    a o mu gi no yo o na    ji n se i ga a ru 

On wind-whipped
On people-treaded
Green wheat plants getting stronger
Such a life there is

mo tsu re i shi    ko ko ro no tsu ri i to    ho gu su go to    ko su mo su yu re ru    yu u ya ke ko ya ke

Cosmos swaying gently
as if they would untie
fishing lines tangled in my heart—
An evening glow

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