Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

sa mi do ri no    hu ki no to o yo ri    i ppi tsu ke i jo o    a a u ma re te    ki te yo ka tta

A young rhubarb
on a spring day
Dropping a few lines
<How lucky I am to have been born>

mo mo i ro no    mu ra go no so ra o    nu i a wa se    i wa i no se ki no    hi to sa o to su ru

Light pink; deep pink
Sewing a pink sky
making a kimono
for a wedding day

o mo i ki ri    ha ji ke te to n da    ho o se n ka    o tte hi ro tte    yu me no ta ne ni sho

With all its might
a popping and leaping balsam seed—
Chase it, pick it
and let me make it a seed for a dream

mu ra sa ki no    yo tsu yu no go to ki    i no chi na ra    se me te mo a so be    hi to yo no yu me to

Frail like purple evening dew
Just fly and play
A dream for a fleeting night

ki sa ra gi no    tsu ki o ho n no ri    ku re na i ni    so me te sa i te ru    go be n no tsu ba ki

Coloring the February moon
faint pink,
five-petal camellias
in full bloom

畦道に深き青さのいぬふぐり ほらここにも浄土あり
a ze mi chi ni    hu ka ki a o sa no    i nu hu gu ri    ho ra ko ko ni mo    jo o do a ri

Deep blue inufuguri
Tiny wildflowers in bloom
on a path between rice fields
Look! Here’s a Pure Land

tsu i o ku no    to bi ra a ku re ba    hi ra ri o tsu    ko o cha i ro shi ta    yu me no hi to hi ra

Pushing open
a door of remembrance
A flake of a tea-color dream
falling off

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