Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

ko no go ro wa   ta wa ni mi no ri shi   ka ki no mi o   ku u hi to mo na ku   sa to wa hi gu re ru

In villages
these modern times
persimmons in bunches
without being eaten
an evening glow

hi da ma ri no   go za ni ho sa re ta   da i ko n ni   so i ne shi te i ru   hu yu to o i ne ko

Winter and an old cat
on a straw mat
in a pool of sunshine
next to dried radishes
dozing off

ha ru ya yo i   ha ko yo ri i de shi  hi na ni n gyo o  hi sa bi sa ni ki ku   se n so o ji no ka ne

Hina dolls awakening
out of the box
March appearing
They hear the sounds
the bell of Sensoji Temple

mi no mu shi wa   o ni no ko o ni no   su te go ra shi   yu ra ri bu ra n ko    wa re mo o ni no ko

A bagworm dangling
Devil’s off-spring
Devil’s deserted child
swinging a swing
me, too—a Devil’s child

e ki to o ni   mo ku to shi te ta tsu    ta ku ha tsu no   so o no ko ro mo o    yu ra su ha ru ka ze

A Buddhist monk
begging in silence
a busy railroad station
a gentle spring breeze
a monk’s floppy attire
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