Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

hi ta hi ta to   no mi o hu ru e ru   wa ga chi chi no   ma a ru ki se na wa   za n ge no ka ta chi

My father
his back rounded
working his chisel
an embodiment
of repentance

i chi ji n no   ka ze ni da ka re te   ma u sa ku ra   a no yo ko no yo ga   hi to tsu ni na ru yo

The evening
cherry blossoms dance
embraced with a gust of wind
This world and another one
becoming together

時は春 白蝶黄蝶戯れてマンボにチャチャチャ世は事もなし
to ki wa ha ru   shi ro cho o ki cho o   ta wa mu re te   ma n bo ni cha cha cha   yo wa ko to mo na shi

White butterflies dance
the mambo and the cha cha
playfully with yellow butterflies
Peacefulness is the world

ko no go ro no   wa ta shi o ta to e te   i u na re ba   ha n to o me i no   ja ga i mo no ka wa

A potato skin
so to speak
on recent days
it’s me

chi chi hu sa ga   yu re ru so no ta bi   i ta mu no wa   ki zu a to ba ka ri   de wa na i no de su

My right breast
shaking at times
pain I feel
hardly a scar it is
but something else

shi ra ha gi no   ko bo re ru tsu ki yo no   ni wa ni de te   ha ha wa  shi zu ka ni   na i te i ma shi ta

crying silently
in the yard
under the bright moon
white flowers of a bush clover
falling down one after another

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