Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

o ri i bu no   ko e da sa shi da su   mo no go i wa   o i te o do re nu   a no hi no ka ru me n

A panhandler
offering passers-by
a twig of an olive tree
Old Carmen she is
no more is her dancing

tsu i e ta ru   hu ri n no o o hi no   ko i na ri yo   ka ku re sa ki   ta ru  a ra n bu ra no tsu ki

The moon over the Alhambra
blooming behind flakes of clouds
Like an illicit love
of that unfaithful Queen

ka i mo ro mo   na mi ni ya su me te   go ju u da i   shi ba shi u shi o ni   na ga sa re te mi yo

Float with the tide
for a while
a woman in her fifties
resting oars on the water

ra zu be ri i no   su ppa i a ma sa   so o i e ba   ko n na a ji ka mo   mu yo o no yo o wa

a touch of sourness
A taste of the necessity
of the unnecessary

a ra i ha ri no   no ri no a ji na do   shi ra nu wa to   pa n o tsu i ba mu   he i se i su zu me

the Heisei era
pecking a bread crumb
a laundered kimono
its starch never tasted

ma da a tsu ki   ho ne o hi ro i te   hi so ya ka ni   ha ha no ko n i n   to ki ha na shi ya ru

Hot bones
picked up in silence
My mother emancipated
freed from marriage

hu yu no hi no   ka ge o hi ki zu ri   na ga sa ka o   ka ra n ko ro n to   ki no o ga to o ru

Dragging a long shadow
of a wintry day
on a long slope
“Yesterday” passes by
hollow sounds of wooden clogs
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