Japan Society of Fairfield County

by Dr. Ikuko Anjo Jassey

A me ri ka de     u ru me i wa shi o     ta be na ga ra        ji bu n no ne kko     mi tsu me te i ma su

In America
I'm keeping my eyes on my identity
while eating dried sardines

Ka ta ku ri no     u tsu mu ki ka ge n no     yu ka shi sa wo     too no mu ka shi ni        wa su re te shi ma tta

A trout lily-
slightly dropping its head
That humbleness
I left somewhere a long time ago

Ge n ka i no     shi o ni ta da yoo     ka ta yo ku no        shi ro i ka mo me wa     wa ta shi de a ru ka

On a tide
of the sea of language
a drifting white seagull
with one wing
--it's me

Hi ta hi ta to     mu ne wo ta ta ke ru     ku ni ko i shi sa wo        ko mo ri u ta ni shi     ku ra shi o ri ma su

Listening to a lullaby
longing for my homeland
tapping against heartstrings,
I am living

Ma yo na ka ni     ta re ka ni yo ba ru ru     ko ko chi shi te        ma na ko a ku re ba     fu ri shi ki ru yu ki

In the midnight
feeling a call from somebody
I opened my eyes slowly-
Snow falling incessantly

風の白 菜の花の黄 空の青 贅沢すぎる寂しいなんて
Ka ze no shi ro     na no ha na no ki     so ra no a o        ze i ta ku su gi ru     sa bi shi i na n te

White breeze
yellow rape blossoms
and a blue sky
Still lonesome-
What else do you wish for?

Tsu ra ki ko to     a ra ba su be te wa     te n yo ri no        ka n ro to o mo i     hoo re n ge kyoo

Take all the bitterness and pain
like sweet drops from the heaven;
Chant the Lotus Sutra
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