Aneth's Fight Against Big Oil
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If you have been injured or concerned about what Exxon has done to the people of Aneth please go to this web site for more information on how you can do something about it.

For a free movie of how Exxonmobil has destroyed this community please email John Sefick at



Diana Archie with her mother Helen members of Utah Dine's Bikaaya Committee.
This Committee draws attention to the enviornmental
destruction brought on by oil companies. Often there are spills and releases of poison gas from the many wells in the area.


This buriel site was desecrated by an oil spill that went unreported by the oil company.


The country side is filled with leaking industrial ware houses.



Mr Harvey's ranch has been destroyed
by the oil companies. At one time they
wanted to put an oil rig in the middle
of his main feed growing field. Now
because of the oil companies his croups

The people of Aneth just want justice and compensation for the destruction brought by the oil companies. If you can help in any way contact Helen Archie at 435 651-3170 or email at