The Industrial Revolution:

An Environmental Catastrophe?


The Earth is a set of many systems working together in harmony. These systems have worked for billions of years, but the last 350 years have altered some of these systems. The Industrial Revolution has caused a great deal of damage to the environment in a very short period of time.

The emission of CFCs causes the destruction of ozone, an important UV filter. When the governments of the world realized the possible consequences, they came together to control, and then eliminate, CF usage. The same can happen with the emission of greenhouse gases if the world governments can band together once again.

Global warming is a controversial issue. More research must be done to ascertain if the problem really exists. A course of action need to be developed until the theories are proven or disproved. We can either develop new sources of energy and reduce emissions, or wait to see what happens. The remaining question is: Can Gaia afford to wait?

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Written May 30, 2000

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