The Steam Threshers' Reunion 2002

The scene

This is what the scene looks like. It's easy to second-hand smoke a pound of coal during a day's visit. Hot and humid, smoke and soot, everything that makes for a good day of family fun.

Here are a few tractors:

Tractor 1

Tractor 2

Tractor 3

And a couple of stationary engines:

Stationary engine 1

Stationary engine 2

Even some small engines:

Small engines

The biggest attraction id the saw mill. The man-child took anly two pictures before the batteries in the camera died (RIP). It's impressive to watch. A tractor is hooked up with a flat belt to power the mill. The logs are put on and the mill operator cuts the logs into dimension lumber.

Saw mill

When they get lumber from some parts of Darke County they have to check it with a metal detector. Fort Greenville used to be there, and as a result some of the trees still have cannonballs in them. The sawmill in Arcanum lost all of the teeth on one blade when they hit a cannonball.

Here is my favorite stop:


I always spend some time here searching for goodies. Some of what he has is junk, or should I say junque. And a lot I either don't need or already have. Ah, but I'll usually find something:

Treasue trove

Notice the dental picks. To hell with Dr. Smith's fees.

And a good time was had by all.

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