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Since I have been going to college, I have done quite a bit of writing. Some of what I have written may be of interest to others, so I am going to share it here. But then, some is of no interest to anyone. Those papers can remain here at home.

Research Papers

It seems that some people do not believe that there is any connection between the thinning of the ozone layer and chlorofluorocarbon emissions. Chlorofluorocarbons: The Ozone Killer is a research paper that I wrote in 1998 about the subject. Sources are cited at the end of the paper.

Another controversial topic (that I just happen to have written a research paper on) is global warming. the paper I wrote is The Industrial Revolution: An Environmental Catastrophe? A list of citations is included at the end of the paper.

My physics instructor at college had some interesting ideas on teaching. My paper The Elusive Neutrino was my submission for a research paper that he required for the class.

Here is a paper I wrote on Active Solar Heating Systems for a technical communications class.


My first college essay was about a bout with skin cancer that I had in 1995. A Little Spot was a sort of catharsis for me.

The second college essay I wrote, America’s Place in Space Research: Is It Maintainable?, is about some of the problems that plague space research.

Creative Writing

A man I worked with several years ago gave me an idea for a story, and Another Government Conspiracy is the result.

I decided to put together some of the cooking tips that I've amassed over the years. They're here in Cooking Tips for the Geek Bachelor.

Updated June 23, 2002

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