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Okay, I can make a boatload of excuses for not updating in almost three years. Most of them have to do with me doing other things. I decided it's time to get some things on here, as well as updating my other website.

First I'm going to update this page to streamline it. Instead of some of the extensive commentary, which few will be interested in, I'll just have short descriptions. I've decided to leave the introduction intact, just updated. There are also two papers that I wrote that I want to add. And, of course, there is some stuff from my shop.

Welcome to my new home page. I was going to call it the Nerd Page because I want to explore some math and science subjects, but thought better of it. Since I'm just learning HTML these pages may be kind of odd for a while. One thing I do know is that there will be no sound coming from these pages, and nothing is going to move around. If you want to see how the latest Internet technology looks I would suggest Amish Buggy Rides.

Now seems to be a good time to tell a little about myself. I am a divorced father of two. My son lives with me, but my daughter moved out when she turned eighteen (it seems she could hardly wait to escape). Twenty-six years ago I chose to become a sheet metal worker like my father. But a few years ago the trade became less interesting. So I decided to go back to college and finish my associate degree in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) mechanical engineering technology at Sinclair Community College.

With only six months until I would finish my degree, I decided that this degree wouldn't help me to do what I wanted. After finishing my AAS I started studying for a bachelor degree in engineering physics.

Created July 9, 2001
Updated May 7, 2006


Where exactly is this going? Where's the content? Okay, here is some of what I am planning.

Here is a copy of my resume for anyone interested.

One thing that I want to do is put some of my writing on the internet.

Another thing I wanted to show is an interesting hobby that I enjoy.

My studies have included quite a bit of science and math, and I'm including some topics that I find interesting (even if no one else does).

More content will be added as time permits.

Posted resume .

Added page about my workshop

Updated June 23, 2002

Added pictures of the Steam Threshers' Reunion in Darke County, Ohio.

Updated July 13, 2002

Added a page about chain mail.

Updated July 25, 2002

Added page about my propane furnace.

Added page about making some foundry tools.

Updated September 8, 2002

Added page about sundials.

Updated January 23, 2003

Added page about change gears for the lathe.

Added page showing a problem from a class that I took.

Added link to new website with my own domain name.

Updated August 15, 2003

Added page about the bandsaw that I built.

Added page for a political essay I wrote.

Added PDF file of article about green sand casting.

Added page about chain mail items I've made.

Updated May 7, 2006

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