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This area is the most popular part of my homepage, the part updated most often, and also the hardest to update using my navigation technique. Whenever I'd do an update I had to edit and upload every page in this section, my site map, and the new page. It was almost enough to make me reconsider my "nothing fancy" mission statement.

The way I've set it up is with this page with all the links, and the other pages having links to the previous and next pages, as well as to this page. In case anyone has bookmarked any of my pages, the only page that has the content changed is this one. The content from this page is now on a new page about my charcoal furnace. Sorry for the convenience.

As an after-thought, I've decided to put a second set of links at the bottom of the page. The first set has a description of the page, but the second set is nothing but hyperlinks.

The Links

First on the list is a tour of my workshop. This page shows all the major features of my shop. Some people may be able to get some ideas from the pictures, which is exactly how I got some of my ideas.

This page shows the charcoal furnace that I started my foundry with.

After I bought this garage, which had a house with it, I built a propane furnace so that casting wouldn't be as messy. It also gave me the ability, with the exhaust hood and fan, to cast parts no matter what the weather was like. Like the Postal Service says "Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night . . ." or something like that.

After I set up my charcoal foundry here, I took some pictures of my first melt. This was before I built the propane furnace.

To do foundry work I needed to build some foundry tools since they are hard to find locally and are expensive to have buy.

I worked up a page that describes how to cast metal parts. The graphics didn't come out as well as I had hoped, but they are fairly clear. The problem with the graphics came from drawing them in one piece of software, outputting the entire screen as a bitmap, editting out all the portions that I didn't need, and finally converting them to a gif format so they wouldn't take forever to download.

Here is a page dedicated to all the scrap that us amatuer foundrymen make. It shows some of the casting problems that I've had.

The lathe is the first piece of equipment that I built in using my foundry.

The final stage in building the lathe was to make and install change gears.

The metal shaper was the second piece that I built.

The fourth project that I built was the mill. It's placed third here because of its place in the series that Dave Gingery wrote.

Before I built the mill I built a drill press, which really made it easier to drill holes.

This page has some of the other projects that I've built.

An interesting project that I ran across is making sundials. This page has a few of the sundials that I've made.

The Second Set of Links


My Charcoal Furnace

The New Propane Furnace

The First Melt at My New Shop

Foundry Tools

How to Cast Parts

Casting Problems


Change Gears



Drill Press

Other Projects


Updated January 23, 2003
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