The Drill Press

Drill Press

The drill press is pretty much a full function drill press. Some of the niceties are not in the design, such as a table that is raised and lowered using a rack and pinion, but they can be added later. This is the only project that could have been purchased cheaper that building it. This machine cost about $250 to build, but one that is comprable would cost about $150. I justified building it by looking at how much could be learned in its construction.

Drill Press Head

The drill press has twelve speeds. The handle in the back is raised and pulled forward to create slack between the three step pulleys (the front one is barely shown).

Drill Press Table

The height of the table is adjusted by lossening the four bolts in the back of the support and repositioning the table. The shiny part close to the back is a scale. This scale can be used to set the table at an angle. The slotted table makes it possible to bolt parts to the table to work on them more precisely. I have even been able to do a little bit of milling with mine.

Updated January 1, 2001

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