James S. Schenck

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Work experience and functional resumes in English. Experiencia profesional en español. Some work related information, basic introduction to JSS International Consulting, Internet Links and Collaborative Documents.

Functional Resume

This provides the basic information on my skills, where I've lived and studied along with an overview of my more recent jobs.

Work Experience

A detailed chronlogical look at my work experience.

Experiencia Profesional

Versión en español de la experiencia profesional.

Education and Languages

Where and what I've studied, my language abilities and computer experience.

Educación e Idiomas

Versión en español acerca de los estudios, idiomas y destrezas con computadoras.

Cable from Peace Corps Director

A nice, thank you note as I finished my extended tenure as the Peace Corps Country Director in Nicaragua.

Internet Links

These are all the external links within the resume section in one place along with some additional ones that pertain to my background and experience.

Collaborative Documents

Password protected. Working documents area for on-going use with colleagues.

JSS International Consulting
Consultoría Internacional JSS

More than a decade engendering development through learning processes

JSS International Consulting was my international development consultancy business. Its core revolved around cross-cultural management consultancy and training in public, private and third (NGO) sector organizations.

JSS International Consulting worked in the preparation of training materials and methodologies under contract to Plan International and with the Inter-American Development Bank to promote community participation in development projects in the Dominican Republic.

JSS International Consulting was contracted by CHF, the Cooperative Housing Foundation, to work on the CHF/USAID Communities in Transition project at the CHF headquarters in Washington DC as well as at the project site in the Ixcán area of Guatemala. A subsquent contract with CHF was made to prepare a manual on the use of credit in habitat improvement programs.

See the Work Experience link for more information.

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