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Notice:  It appears this web site will soon not exist due to changes with the internet provider.  I want to thank all those who followed my work over the years.
J Robb Hall

Miniature fine art oil or watercolor paintings...
landscapes, seascapes, marine life & more

Welcome to my web site and the world, as I paint it, in  miniature.   My paintings reflect places, objects, events that have permanently latched onto my soul...remembered for beauty, atmosphere, delicate stillness or thundering color.   

Each painting, on an archival support, is painted with Winsor & Newton Artist grade paints, and framed with my own custom designs.  The tiny fine art creations are ready to hang in the gallery, the home or display on a small easel.  Perfect for the desktop or bookshelf.

My paintings subscribe to the standards of most miniature fine art societies worldwide.  Currently I am a member of the World Federation of Miniaturists, The Miniature Art Society of Florida, Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington DC, the Cider Painters of America and the Association of Miniature Artists.  

I invite you to visit my other web site pages, where you will see more of my recent landscape and marine paintings, samples of framed pieces, a biography and exhibition history and awards my work has earned.

Miniature fine art, a field with a fascinating history, is quickly regaining popularity and interest in the art world, by artists and collectors alike.  To learn more of the history of miniature art, to view work by the world's leading miniaturists or to search for miniature art events in your part of the world, please, visit the links provided below.

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miniature fine art,
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