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Welcome to our web site! 

Plumbing & Fire Protection Design Engineering and Code Analysis Services

JKBSC is a sole proprietorship architectural, plumbing and fire protection design/drafting company located in Amity Harbor, New York. Originally known as PlumbingDesignPlus when founded in 2001 and becoming John Kupcha Building Services Consultant in 2007, the company has had an unequalled history of providing successful designs and drafting for residential, commercial and institutional buildings throughout the eastern United States.

From Connecticut to Florida, JKBSC has built a reputation that provides a perspective that allows me to meet the needs of my clients independent of their location. The buildings in which JKBSC has served as designers, draftsmen and consultants lists among the best.

JKBSC has completed designs for office buildings, hotels, conference centers, museums, colleges and universities, hospitals, retail facilities, auto dealerships, warehouses as well as a diverse group of special projects including green building, LEED and Rainwater Harvesting that defy easy categorization. Many projects of various types are shown in my website (which is viewable but still under construction). Collectively, they establish the depth of experience and know-how that define JKBSC. The project designs completed by JKBSC constitute a body of work that is recognized by the construction and engineering industry for its design excellence and consistency for specific project requirements. Common to all are solutions that recognize the goals of the owner/client, architect, builder and the ultimate user. I welcome you to my website and urge you, with great pride, to examine the profile of projects in this website that establish my unique design engineering and cad credentials.

John Kupcha Building Services Consultant
2 Hayes Road * Amity Harbor * New York * US * 11701