Josquin's Miscellaneous Wedding Reference Page

Greetings to all. This is my no-nonsense, down-and-dirty collection of useful things for putting together your own wedding ceremony. There are complete ceremonies here, and one of them might work for you, and save you a whole lot of trouble. There are also various building blocks to use for putting your own original ceremony together, if that's the way you decide to go.

You might ask yourself why I felt the need to do this. There are lots of sites for wedding stuff on the web. I read through a mountain of them when I was planning my own wedding, and you know what? No offence to anyone involved in any of them, but a lot of what I found was either confusing or just plain not very good. I'm doing this so I can be my own editorial board, and limit what's here to what I feel are high-quality offerings. I realize that "high-quality" is a highly subjective term, but trust me, just long enough to read a little of what's here. You'll know soon enough if we don't see eye to eye, and I certainly won't be offended if you want to go look somewhere else.

I should also take a second here to recommend a book. There is a small, but wonderfully practical paperback called Words for Your Wedding, by David Glusker and Peter Misner. I've never met them, and I have no reason at all to plug their book, except that it's a good book. They're coming at things from a Christian perspective, but they've got a lot of experience, and their suggestions and examples are most helpful. My apologies to both of them if any of their material ends up duplicated elsewhere in these pages. (Note: I believe this book has gone out of print. A quick web search should still help you find a copy if you're curious.)

Another book that I've recently discovered is Wedding Words: Vows, by Jennifer Cegielski. It's half of a two-volume set (the other one is Wedding Words: Toasts). It's got a lot of good nuts-and-bolts information for putting a service together, and a lot of information relevant to various religious practices. There's also a wide selection of readings, both religious and secular. It's definitely worth a look.

Wedding Officiant Service

I am licensed to perform weddings in the state of Minnesota. If a church wedding is not your thing, or you just want a little more control over the details of the ceremony, I'd be happy to meet with you and your beloved to talk about it. Email is the easiest way to reach me. Let me know if I can help. Here are a few references, in case you're curious.

A mixed bag here, everything from the traditionally religious to the downright comical. See what works best for you.

Prayers and Blessings
It's hard to find a prayer to say exactly what you need it to. Hopefully, these will help.

Complete Wedding Services
Use these as is, or make them a jumping-off place for your own ideas.

NEW!! Ceremony-builder
Try this if you're having trouble finding the right service.

If you do use any of this material, I have two humble requests. First, I absolutely love stories. Drop me a note and let me know what part of the world you're in, what you were able to use, what you had to change, and how everything worked for you. Second, if you do come up with an original ceremony, reading, or prayer, and you'd be open to having it included here, please send me a copy. I'd love to read it. I have trouble in general opening files, so pasting things into an email is usually the way to go.

Okay, three requests. If you have any suggestions, or thoughts about how I can make this collection more helpful, forward those as well. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I hope it makes your work easier.