This is reprinted from the March 23rd USA Today. Most of you have probably heard about it, but I'll post it for reference, and because good news makes me happy. Enjoy.

Michigan student wins fight to wear Wicca symbol

A student and self-proclaimed witch in Michigan won her fight Monday to overturn a Lincoln Park High School policy banning the wearing of the five-pointed star that is the symbol of her Wicca faith. The school decided that Crystal Seifferly can wear her star and also agreed to pay her legal costs, the American Civil Liberties Union said. At a hearing March 2, a federal judge in Detroit said the district's policy violated the honor student's religious rights as a follower of Wicca. On Monday, the suburban district agreed to make an exception to its anti-gang policy for students who wear the pentagram and other symbols reflective of their religion. Lincoln Park schools Superintendent Randall Kite said officials had not realized that Wicca is a religion. "I'm glad it's over," Seifferly said. "The longer it went on...the more I realized that it wasn't about me and just about Wicca. It was about a lot of other people and religions."