Rites and Blessings

These are rituals that have grown out of my work with a wonderful, if small, coven. I hope you find them useful. If you have any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

Ritual practice is a very individual and creative process. Even if you enjoy these rites, find a way to make them your own. Change, adapt, do whatever makes them relevant to your own life circumstances. They will only become more powerful. Sooner or later I will do the whole cycle of the year, I promise. Remember spare time.....? I miss that.

Autumn Planting ritual
This is a great excuse to decorate your circle, as well as to take a kind of spiritual inventory.
Yule ritual
Part of the joy of ritual practice is the reconnecting with the turning of the seasons. It's also never a bad thing to reaffirm your bond with your group. This helps with both.
Imbolc ritual
This is simple, but intimate, and rewarding. Never underestimate the power of candles.
Ostara ritual
My first foray into verse drama. And Greek mythology for that matter.
Beltane ritual
A simple observance (safe for the whole family), with a little candle magic thrown in for luck.
Midsummer ritual
This is a Tarot-centric observance for Midsummer. New for me, but I like the symbolism very much. It's a good overview to share with friends or newbies.
A ritual for Leaving
This was a ritual written upon the occasion of my moving away after ten years in the same place. It was my way of taking ritual leave of some very dear friends.
A simple full moon
This is one easy version of what a normal full moon looks like for us. It's pretty laid back, but most of the time, that feels like just the thing.
Josquin's wedding service
This might not be for everyone, but it serves a very particular purpose. If you're Pagan, and you want to invite a family or two who aren't, this just might come in handy for you.

Note: I've been gathering more wedding material, so it seems to make sense to give it its own space. You can find all of my wedding stuff, including other complete services, here.

A blessing for Baptisms
Suitable for any Earth-based spirituality, and easy to split up for group use.

General purpose prayers and blessings

...for those times when "Blessed Be" just doesn't feel like enough...

My favorite, most useful prayer:

Goddess and God
Mother and Father
Earth and Sky
Help us always to see you, and to be with you
In ourselves, and in all things
Blessed be

A general blessing, useful for closing letters to loved ones:

May the Goddess, who embraces all
Keep you safe, and stay the hand that would harm you;
May the God, who bathes the Earth in light
Wrap his love around you like a dream

A blessing before casting the circle (a nod to Starhawk for the general idea)

Passing the incense over each member in turn......

Sprinkling salt water over each in turn....

A blessing over the food and drink

God of the harvest (/Goddess of abundance)
Bless these gifts as you bless us all
Help us to see and remember
The Divine in all that we share

Another all-purpose blessing, by new friend and Druid Autumn FalconWolf

Lady feed us at your breast,
Lord protect us in our rest,
Brightest blessings is the call,
Family, coven, clan and all. Blessed Be.

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