Prayers and Blessings

Some of these might work in more than one category, but they seem to go best here. Of course, you may use and amend as you see fit.

An Elemental Blessing
I love this prayer. I think it works well as a final blessing.

Introductory Prayer
Like the title says, this works well in the beginning, but I could see it as a closing blessing, too.

Wedding Prayer, by Robert Louis Stevenson
Very nice in the beginning of a ceremony.

Apache Wedding Prayer
I don't really know anything about the origins of this benediction. Like a lot of things labeled "Native American," I think some skepticism is in order. It is beautiful though, and useful as a closing.

A simple, secular benediction
Just a short, sweet little poem. Works well as the last thing before the introduction of the couple.

Traditional Christian Opening
Very traditional, and very Christian. But very pretty.