The Opinion Page

This is not something I'm altogether comfortable doing. I certainly am no expert, and I firmly believe that no one can ever claim to have all the answers. I offer the following to explain in a little more detail my own view of things. If it helps, tell me. If you disagree, drop me a note, and give me your version. Perhaps we will learn from each other.

These are the topics that seem to come up most often, in questions from visitors, and my own discussions with friends and loved ones. If anything you'd like to talk about isn't covered, just email me, and I'll see what I can come up with.

Wise Words for Beginners
How to live in peace (and with mom and dad) and still practice your religion
The Christians and the Pagans (the romance)
One approach to the problems of interfaith relationships.
How do you know if Wicca is the right place for you?
I have no earthly idea. I don't know you. But here's how the thinking went for me.
Wicca and morality
This is one of the most conspicuous gray areas for many in our community. Take some time to think about the Rede and the Law of Three in a little more detail.
Life on the Lunatic Fringe
One of my recurring themes is that your religious life, whatever you decide to believe in, is a journey you must make for yourself. Here is a fine example of such a personal journey, by a man for whom I have tremendous love and respect.
The Perils of Self-initiation (or not)
Sometimes you're on your own, whether or not you want to be.

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