Some places you should know about. Many of these sites are no more, as far as I can tell. I keep them here so I can search them from time to time. If any of them are/were yours, drop me a note. I'd love to know you're alive and well.

Formerly Solandia's altar to the eclectic, and an eclectic site indeed. The reason it's here is that Solandia has compiled a graphical index of Tarot decks. This is a great chance to sample a few before you decide what's right for you. I recommend it highly.
Azure's Gateway to Wicca
I loved this site. No idea where she's gone.
Elfrey's Alter
Elfrey has gone missing again. If you know where she is, or what's become of her site, I'd welcome the information..
Inanna's Web Cauldron
Ina is a good friend, and a kind soul. She writes a mean (and practical) ritual. Stop and say hello.
Jaz's Pagan Page
Jaz seems to be on temporary hiatus. I hope she's back soon.
Mirahla's Webby Home
An interesting, eclectic, thoughtful site, and a pleasure to read. Stop by and say hello.
Selene's Wicca page (The Craft)
Alas, this site is no longer posted. I have it from Braonan, husband and partner of Selene, that they have switched ISP's, and haven't decided just what to do with the site yet. If I get to vote, I'm hoping for its reappearance. It was one of the most informative, intelligent, and well written sites out there. Rest assured, I'll let you know the minute I hear anything.
Thyme's Pagan Grove
No offense to anyone out there, but I don't often meet teenagers who take their beliefs very seriously, much less discuss them in an intelligent fashion. Thyme is a delightful exception. If you're new at this, or just a young person who wants to know that someone out there understands what you're talking about, pay her a visit.
U.S. Games
While retail promotion is not really my thing, if you are at all interested in Tarot, this is the place to go. Well worth the visit.

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