This was written for my new friend Kaia, at the request of her mother. I hear everything went very well.

Kaia's Blessing

Dearest Kaia, born of our hearts
You are grace
You are beauty
You are love beyond measure
And gift without price

Now we are gathered
To introduce you to your greater family
And to bless you, before the world
Even as we have been blessed

We offer you to the Four Winds
That you might embrace adventure
And know the wonder of far-off lands

We offer you to the Sky
That you may steer by the stars
And never feel that you are far from home

We offer you to the Sun
That warmth and light may surround you always
And guide you safely on your way

We offer you to the Moon
That you may find comfort in darkness
And never have cause to fear the night

Creator of all things
To you we offer inexpressible thanks
For this, our greatest blessing
And our greatest joy

Keep watch over this little one
And provide, in all who love her
An example worthy
Of your love for us

Help us to spread before her
A canvas of support and care
That one day she may paint upon it
A future only she can dream

Help us to be
The people we strive to be
And help us to see your face
In Kaia
In each other
And in all things

Blessed be